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RELEASE DATE: 07.24.18

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Some people might look down on being a porn star, but to me, this job has been a salvation. It’s the only one that didn’t turn me away after learning about my criminal record. After being screwed over by my ex, I vowed to never let another man close, but when my sweet, nerdy friend Mason asks for my help improving his skills in the bedroom, I can’t resist. And then there’s my gorgeous yet grumpy parole officer who has made it his mission to save me. They both seem determined to test my resolve, and it’s getting harder and harder to remind myself why it’s so dangerous to trust.


When it comes to me, awkward nerd is an understatement. I’d rather spend my nights and weekends gaming and coding than socializing. When I somehow stumble into not only a friends with benefits situation with a freaking porn star, but also land a date with a drool-worthy parole officer, I’m certain I’m in over my head. Can I manage to keep from getting my heart shattered if these two figure out they’re better off together than with a klutzy dork like me in the middle?


I’ve always had a weakness for nerds, so when I score a date with uber-cute Mason, I’m over the moon. The only problem is that I can’t seem to get a certain bad boy porn star out of my head…and he’s a freaking client. Dating him is against all the rules, but when I find out Mason and Heart know each other, I find myself in an unexpected threesome. My predictable life turns to chaos, but in the end, it may just be worth it.

Heart - different with Mason

Mason - kiss scene


“So…about that kiss?”

Lucky smiles and gives my hand a squeeze before letting it go.

“I’ll go,” I offer, making a move to skirt around them and keep heading toward my car. Heart’s first kiss with Lucky should be special, they don’t need me standing here making it weird.

“No,” they both say at the same time.

“I want you here. This isn’t just about me and Lucky, or you and me. I want you to be part of this.”

I nod and shuffle my feet, not sure if I should stay standing right next to Heart or give them a little space. Heart makes the decision for me by grabbing my arm and pulling me close. Then he turns his attention back to Lucky and bats his eyes suggestively. Lucky chuckles and cups Heart’s face, tilting it up and running his thumb along Heart’s bottom lip.

A little jolt of anticipation prickles along my skin as if I’m the one about to be kissed. I smile and hold my breath, my eyes fixed on their faces as they inch closer, both captivated by the moment.

Heart seems to be holding his breath as well, his eyes fluttering closed as Lucky’s nose bumps against his. Lucky’s lips hover a few inches from Heart’s, his decent on hold as he seems to savor the moment. Heart’s lips part and he drags in a ragged breath before fisting the front of Lucky’s shirt and dragging him in to close the gap between their mouths. Lucky chuckles but it’s muffled against Heart’s lips and it quickly turns to a moan.

Their lips move together and I can’t tell who’s leading or if they’re battling for control, all I know is it’s unbelievably hot to watch their tongues slide together, their lips crashing and parting over and over. Heart’s hand squeezes mine tight like he’s afraid I’ll run away if he lets go. Fat chance I’m going anywhere with a scene like this playing out right in front of me.

When they finally part, they’re both dragging in panting breaths, lips damp and swollen, and cheeks pink.

“Wow,” Heart mutters and Lucky smiles smugly. “Do I get a kiss from you too, sweetie?” Heart asks after the daze from Lucky’s kiss seems to fade.

“I’m not sure I can follow that.” I force a laugh, nerves fluttering in my stomach. I’ve kissed Heart plenty, but after the way Lucky just kissed him, I’m sure I’ll pale in comparison.

“Don’t be silly.” Heart yanks me forward without giving me further chance to protest.

His lips are just as hot and sweet against mine as they always are, but this time there’s the hint of Lucky’s flavor on his mouth as well, and it makes my cock harder than it’s ever been. Heart coaxes my tongue into his mouth and tangles his fingers in my hair, turning the kiss deep and greedy. When he releases me, Lucky is watching us with heat in his eyes.

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When she was a little tot, Nora’s mom got a library subscription for her. That, as they say, was that, and a lifelong love for books was born. Nora never stopped reading and doesn’t exaggerate when she says she devours books, rather than plain reads them. She started writing stories as soon as she could hold a pen, and wrote her first full book as a teen (on a typewriter!). It took her waaaay too long to follow her dream to become a romance author.

Nora writes M/M romance, because hello, sexy boys, and likes her men flawed, strong, and a tad broken. She appreciates a little kink, but insists on a happy ever after.


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I’m an author of m/m and new adult romance. I have a strong passion for writing characters with a lot of heart and soul, and a bit of humor as well.







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