~Review~ Queer by Seth King

QueerQueer by Seth King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Never have I finished a book and yearned with all of my heart to drop everything, get on a plane, fly somewhere I’ve never been and hug a man I’ve never met. But I do know him. I know him not only from his writing – I know him because I’m a mom, I know him because I have compassion, I know him because I’m a fucking human being. I know him and I love him. I love his strength, I love his heart, I love his beauty and I love his doubts and vulnerability – because those are just as much a part of him as everything else. Reading Seth’s words is like seeing the sunshine through a stained glass window. It’s beautiful, stunning, multifaceted and ever-changing. I don’t ever want to look away, I never will. And I am so damn proud and lucky to know him.

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