~Review~ Love Times Five by Lily Blunt

Love Times FiveLove Times Five by Lily G. Blunt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well – here’s the thing. I have no issue with poly relationships, whether human or paranormal. But I do know that communication is key in them, sometimes even more so than in traditional relationships. The paranormal story running through this was good, I liked that part. The part that I couldn’t relate to was all of these men holding in their feelings, all of them. I get that some men are lousy at saying what their real feelings are but do we have to drop them into a generalization bucket and have them all be that way? And then when they finally do confess their feelings to each other and their desires for a poly relationship? It was rushed, there wasn’t any discussion with each other about how they all wanted it to work. This had great potential – I just felt like it needed something more.

~dn LUBR~

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