~Review~ Pat: A Short Story by Seth King

Pat: A Short StoryPat: A Short Story by Seth King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Don’t let anyone ever tell you again that a short story can’t be meaningful, that it can’t be robust, that it can’t be, well, everything that a full-length novel is. With the right words, the right emotions, the right passion – any story, long or short, funny or sad or both – can be eye-opening, can be life-changing, can be important. That’s what this story is – important, life-changing, eye-opening. And it’s done in a way that everything in it wraps around you like a warm cocoon and whispers ‘open your eyes and see’. I am by no means uneducated or naive, but I find myself saying ‘I had no idea’ over and over again whenever I read something by Seth. Patricia’s story is no exception. Once again I count myself one of the lucky ones to be able to read something that not only fills my heart, it enlightens my mind too.

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