~Review~ Gagged: The Conclusion by Devon McCormack

Gagged: The Conclusion (The Clipped Saga Book 3)Gagged: The Conclusion by Devon McCormack

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where’s my medal? You know, the one that I get because I made it through to the end, that I survived. It’s in the mail – good. I’ve earned it. This is a sit down, strap in and shut the eff up epic conclusion to this tale of the apocalypse. One that not only had you shooting at high speed to the highest highs and plummeting to the lowest lows but with twists and turns sharp enough to give you whiplash. But, with Kinzer, Treycore, Kid, Hayde and a few other choice members thrown into the mix, this is an insane ride that’s worth every sharp jolt, every scream, every sob, every sigh. Take a deep breath and then take that plunge. It’s worth it when you land.

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