~Review~ Sicken of the Calm by Marina Vivancos

Sicken of the Calm (Fox Lake Book 1)Sicken of the Calm by Marina Vivancos

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When a debut female author takes on the subject of mm romance, I worry for them because writing gay romance is not just writing het romance with two guys, it’s just not. There is a different dynamic, different communication styles, different, just different everything. It’s not just replacing a vag with a D and calling it good.
And when that same author tackles not only mm romance but also BDSM elements too? – well, holy canoly, that author is brave, very brave.
I really enjoyed this story and the dynamic between Joaquin and Ezra. Their exploration of BDSM and its elements was believable and beautiful. While there were a few holes left open (what was the deal with Ezra and the football team? Was he the slut they made him out to be? And if so, why? And why was it left unexplored?), this was a hot, enjoyable read. I see it’s book one of a series but this one felt like it was complete so I’m not sure what’s waiting for book 2 but I will keep my eyes open and check it out once it’s available.

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