~Review~ Liberty by Seth King (coming soon)

5 Stars  (I’d give it 50 if that were an option)
You can do this, I know you can. I believe in you. When the ugliness and hatred in this world combine in tragically horrific ways, it’s so easy to look away and pretend it never happened. But we owe it to them to not look away. As hard as that is, everyone of us owe them that much. Because when it was happening to them, when they were in the middle of that horror, they didn’t have that choice. They couldn’t look away because it was all around them, swallowing them whole.  And it still is, for some.  For some, hiding who they truly are, being terrified to show the world what’s in their hearts, who they are, who they love – that is still an everyday thing.  Until it isn’t, until everyone is free to live and love, we can’t look away
‘By now I’ve learned to be two different people, and live inside two different worlds. In my bedroom, in my own little bubble, I can watch drag race……Out of that bubble, I am a different August….I know it’s cowardly, but I don’t know what else to do.  There’s a big gay world out there, full of colors and acceptance and love. I just don’t know how to reach it.’
‘I open my mouth and sort of explore a little.  Painters create masterpieces about moments like this, songwriters craft classics about kisses less than this one.  He kisses me in a way that makes me miss tomorrow: if I can’t be with him every day, I don’t want tomorrow to come at all.  So I try to hold onto him without looking like I’m holding anything at all.’
I guarantee that being witness to this will be one of the toughest, bravest things you’ve ever done. But I promise you that your heart will be fuller, your head will know more, your eyes will see more and your soul will be forever brighter. Because you didn’t look away. You stayed. Your fingers will shake as you turn the pages, your heart will pound, your throat  will try to close and your tears will definitely fall but please stay. Stay because you owe them that much. Stay because they deserve it. Stay because you truly care. Stay and you will witness a love so blindingly beautiful that you will feel it in you, around you, over you, under you….you will feel it everywhere…and it will stay with you forever. And how beautiful is that? I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy.

One thought on “~Review~ Liberty by Seth King (coming soon)

  1. I would give 50 stars also.. I love this book so much there are no words that could discribe what I feel when I was finished this book. I laught I cried and cried some more. I love how this was writen Seth did such a great job in this story. This book will stay with me forever . Thank you Seth for writing such a wounderful story some may say there is no happy enedding but in way there was at least a light that always be remembered .

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