Why can’t authors review your books?

I can no longer remain silent on this subject. The very real fear that some authors have of other authors reading/reviewing their books on a blog.
I mean, god forbid one of your peers actually, you know, likes your work…or not.
I just don’t understand the stigma, the fear.
Let’s look at the ‘rest of the world’ for a moment.
Actors routinely view movies made by other actors and then they ***gasp*** vote on their work in the plethora of awards shows that are scheduled all year round. I mean, the horror of another actor liking/viewing/critiquing their work….how utterly horrible…..(insert sarcasm).
The scientific world is the same way – PhDs, doctors, scientists all over the world constantly look at/review/critique fellow scientists work. It’s, you know, how advances are made in care, it’s how cures are found. Without fellow scientists offering idea/suggestions, cures for many diseases might never have been found.
Teachers meet, discuss techniques, offer help and suggestions – and what happens? Usually they become better teachers…..go figure.
Bouncing ideas off each other, offering suggestions….it’s how we learn and grow, especially as authors.
Hell, Stephen King even offers to read your work and offer his opinions/critiques/suggestions. Stephen-freaking-King. How amazing would that be? I would welcome that. Even if he came back with a ‘your writing sucks’ comment, I would welcome it. Why? Because it’s Stephen King. Would I take it to heart? Absolutely not. I don’t write for Stephen King. I don’t write for other authors. I write for me. I write because I have to.
So, if I’m releasing a new book and you’re an author who’d like to read/review it, hit me up. I welcome your analysis, your suggestions, your ideas, your criticism. I welcome it from readers too, because they give a different perspective that balances everything out.
Will anything you say change what I do? Maybe, maybe not.
Will it ever stop me from writing?
Not a freaking chance.

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