Locked In Silence (Pelican Bay, #1)Locked In Silence by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Breathe, just breathe. I need to remember how to breathe, how to think, how to function. Right now I’m a jumble of so many emotions that I’m having a hard time putting together words. It’s almost as if the adjectives I can come up with to describe this book – adjectives like stunning, amazing, beautiful – are completely inadequate. I need better words, bigger words, consuming words, all-encompassing words. Dallas and Nolan’s story both gutted me and filled me with such hope, with so much love. And not just the the story of the two of them coming together, no, it was their backstories that weaved their way into my heart. It was everything about this emotional story that consumed me. I felt anger at what had been done to both of these men, I felt compassion, I felt hope, I felt warmth, I felt passion, I felt love, I felt…..everything. I mean, how can you not drown in every emotion when you read things like:
Why did the fact that he’d figured out I was purposely ignoring him hurt do damn much?
Maddox’s eyes shifted to me. “Because he wanted to protect our mother, despite the fact that she was gone. That’s what he does,” he said softly.
“He protects those he loves.”

You don’t read this book because you want to read a love story. You read this book because you want to just…..feel

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