~Review~ Touch the Sky by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

Touch the Sky (Free Fall #1)Touch the Sky by Christina Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gah!!! Where do I start. Can these two please be real??? PLEASE??? They felt so real to me, like I was floating in an invisible bubble all around them as they lived, as they talked, as they fought their demons, as they loved and that right there is why the writing of this was so perfect. It put me in Luke & Gabe’s minds, in their arms….in their hearts. I felt like I was fighting for them to not only survive, but to grow stronger, both individually and together. My heart is so heavy right now but only because it feels the loss of these two amazing men because there aren’t anymore pages to keep them in my life.
And isn’t that how you’re supposed to feel after you finish a great book? Like you wish you could dive back in, stay in that world just a little bit longer?
Yeah….I thought so.

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