unnamed (5)


by Adrienne Wilder

June 15, 2017

319 pages

Andrew Atler has learned the hard way, fiction is far better than real life. In his romance novels the world is safe, predictable, and there is always a happy ending. Best of all, he can safely fall in love and the person will never know. There he can weave a tale of perfect passion plus pay the bills.


Matt Grim flies the colors of Hell’s Legion. When he’s not riding his chopper, he’s working as a bouncer for the Six. Matt’s life consists of drinking, playing in a band, and burning the midnight oil in the dungeon. He lives hard, plays hard, and rides even harder.


Two people who would never be a part of the same EPIC love story.


But sometimes those fairy tale clichés have a way of working magic.


And sometimes…sometimes those happy endings do come true.


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Georgia born and bred, I am an artist, a writer, and a general pain in the ass.


I spend most of my days working on my next book or designing cover art for other writers. For stress relief I do Olympic lifting and occasionally run (but hate it). I have been in love with writing since I was very young but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to pursue it as a profession.


I have experimented in several genres and found that since I identify as male, male romance has been the most comfortable for me to write. I don’t discriminate in my books. All characters are fair game. I do however, prefer a happy ending at some level.


I don’t write the standard romance book. Some might even argue that what I write isn’t romance at all. Personally, I think of them as love stories, where even in a fantastical world, there are realistic outcomes to the obstacles the characters face.


Many of my books have dark turns and twists where the characters fight for the light at the end of the tunnel. I write action, fist fights, gun fights, downright dirty evil people who have to be stopped, things catch fire, blow up, and fall in. My characters come in a unique range. They are not all good guys, but the majority of them have very good hearts. Many of them have been through hell in their lives, and many of them have a laundry list of faults. But hopefully they manage to surprise you with their tenacity and loyalty.


If all goes well, there will be a myriad of different kinds of books available this year. If I am really lucky, you will enjoy them.

Wild final


by Adrienne

Releasing in August 2017

No sane man would choose to live in the Alaskan bush unless he had something to hide. And Keegan Brooks has secrets darker than night, more dangerous than wolves, more brutal than an Alaskan winter. Every day for him was survival until he found August Vallory the sole survivor in a downed plane.


It’s no longer just Keegan’s life teetering on the edge of survival.


Now it’s his heart.



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