Unscripted Love (Road to Blissville, #1)Unscripted Love by Aimee Nicole Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m staring at my screen with a smile on my face. Why? Because I’m trying to explain how familiar yet unique Kyle and Chaz’s story is. It felt so much like coming home…..it was everything fun and funny, hot and sweet, romantic and confusing, but not. Just trust me on this, it works, perfectly.
I wasn’t just kissed by Kyle; I was immersed in him. I didn’t just partake, I imbibed. I became inebriated from Kyle’s mouth quicker than the time I stole a sip of my granddad’s moonshine when I was thirteen.
That was how I felt once I opened my eyes and stretched the next morning. I was ready to go forth and conquer, starting with my morning wood.
It was……perfect.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy.

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