~Review~ The Summer of Us by Lily Morton

The Summer of UsThe Summer of Us by Lily Morton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let’s just start this with…..OMG!!! All trepidation about reading a brand-new-to-me author flew out the window within the first few pages of this book. The mark of a great book for me:
1) Humor – This book had that a lot, tons of it, snort-laugh out loud stuff:
“Ssh!” I put my finger to my mouth. “Ouch, what happened there?”
“You poked yourself in the eye,” he says patiently.
Seriously – the scene when Matt has a ‘loopy’ reaction to pain meds is one of the funniest I’ve ever read.
2) Melancholy – this book had a bit as Matt and John worked through what was developing between them:
‘Nothing ventured nothing gained, and if all I gain is his friendship and a broken heart then my life will always have been better for having had him in it….’
3)Angst – oh boy, is there angst. You read as your heart pounds, as you bite your lip, as you worry that these two men might not be able to find their…forever.
4) Hotness – and, yeah, there’s a whole heaping of that. Blood pumping, heart pounding, worried that my face might be flush as I’m reading this on the train hotness
“We kiss as I slide forward in small movements, trying to be gentle but it’s so tight that it’s like a velvet boa constrictor around my d*&k.”
So, to summarize this:
New author for me – definitely will be adding her to my one-click list
And this book, this story of Matt and John’s journey? It had it all, everything that I love in a book, all rolled up into one wonderful package. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy.

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