~Review~ Owning It by Riley Hart & Devon McCormack

Owning It (Metropolis, #3)Owning It by Riley Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Riley & Devon have done it again. I never really had any doubt but seriously, how can two authors who are incredible on their own be anything short of amazing when they combine? We, the readers, are damn lucky. But I’m reviewing a book here so let’s get to it.
Anyone who read the first two books was in love with Derek. Dear sweet, always happy, perpetually horny Derek. He’s that friend who can make you laugh when you’re sad. The one who forces you to go out and have fun when all you want to do is drown in your tears. But even guys like that have deeper layers. Hidden parts that they don’t let anyone see. Until they meet men like Jackson.
“Derek is just…Derek. This crazy, wild hurricane I don’t want to evacuate for”
Jackson understood the parts of Derek that even he, himself didn’t understand. Why? Because he’s Daddy Jackson. His heart is a big as his beefy, strong body.
And together they realize that love really can save you.

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