~Review~ Someone to Hear Me by T.A. McKay

Someone To Hear MeSomeone To Hear Me by T.A. McKay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some books you read because they’re fluff – they pick you up and make you feel good, happy, loving.
Some books you read because they’re intense – nail-biting, making your heart beat faster, making you sweat.
And then there are books like this one – brutal yet brilliant, sad yet beautiful, heartbreaking yet filled with hope. Ares will simultaneously break your heart and fill you with awe – awe at his strength, awe at his courage, awe at his ability to not only survive but still be a functioning (albeit somewhat broken) human being. And Kohan, dear, sweet Kohan – what a beautiful knight in shining armor, what a beacon of hope, what an amazing (although not perfect) man.
This is a tough read, I will say that. But when you think about the Ares’ of the world – the real men (& women) who endure brutality at the hands of the one who supposedly loves them…..aren’t a few tears from you a small price to pay? Damn right they are – and you’ll not only feel better when you make it to the end….you’ll be a better person – a more understanding one, more patient, more loving, more appreciative.
How can you not be?

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