~Review~ Gone for You by Riley

Gone for You (Wild Side, #1)Gone for You by Riley Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s the sign of a truly great author when I can read yet another of their books, have it knock me on my a@& and not be a bit surprised because this author does that to me with every book she writes. Right out of the gate, this book had me feeling like my heart was being squeezed in my chest, like it wasn’t sure if it could handle what was around the next corner….and it knew it was because I was feeling Matt. Yes, Riley wrote him so beautifully, so vividly that I felt him inside. And even though it was rough going sometimes and I had to fight back tears, once I got to the end? Wow. I felt like I watched a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis and spread its beautiful wings. Ollie and Matt, you are beautiful music together. Thank you for taking me on your journey.

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