We are all in this together – Reviews matter

With the turmoil recently in the Indie publishing world with the sudden closing of ARE (all romance reads) and a few other smaller eBook houses, it got me thinking.

The authors were obviously the hardest hit, now dealing with lost (or stolen) funds, copyright issues on their own books and who knows what other nightmares they face.

I’m an author too but fortunately for me I didn’t have any of my books listed on ARE.

But I am a reader too, an avid one, and this is where I believe that I, and so many thousands of other readers, can help.

Post those reviews, people.

Yeah, I know it might be a pain, it might take a few minutes out of your day, and yes, you already bought the product so why should you have to do more?

But it helps that author tremendously and….you just might be rewarded for your efforts.

I know I have been.  More times than I can count.

I’ve had authors contact me personally to thank me for my great reviews.

I’ve had authors who have used my words to help promote their book….think about that for a second.  What I spent less than two minutes writing had such an impact on the author that they took my words and posted them all over Facebook to help sell their book.

I even had an author use my words to sell his book and when I thanked him he told me  “when I read it I thought… now that IS the PERFECT blurb!”

Talk about a rush…….and an incredible validation.

But that’s not why I do them, I do them because I know that they matter, and because my authors matter to me.

I have a secret to my reviews.  I never wait to write them.  Because I want that emotion, all of those feelings churning through me the second I finish a book to help guide my words.

Even if I can’t post it to Amazon right away, because that’s more of a pain, I always, always post my review to GoodReads the second I’m done with the book, usually using the App on my phone.  Then I go back when I have time and copy and paste that review to the Amazon site or wherever else they have the book.  But using that App, capturing those feelings, that emotion in my review?

I think it makes all the difference.  Several authors seem to agree.

And for this reader?  It’s worth every second.

And for an author?  It could change their life…..and maybe yours in the process.

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