Who am I?

Who am I?  That’s an interesting question because it took me a while to figure that out.  But life is a journey, right?  A journey is about moving forward, seeing new things, experiencing new feelings.  It’s about opening your arms, closing your eyes and smiling as the world happens all around you and you just enjoy the s*&t out of being a part of it.  I’ve always been a ‘writer’ – penning my first poems in grade school and filling notebook after notebook with poetry all through high school.  Poetry was how I coped with my low self-esteem, it was writing that got me through the tough times in my life – it always has.  My first novel didn’t come to me until I was in my 40’s though – and while it’s hard for the self-doubting part of me to chastise myself and say ‘why didn’t you start sooner?’ – I shake my fist at that voice and say ‘shut the F up’.  Because those novels came to me when the time was right.  They came to me when I needed them – and they’re still coming.  Once that floodgate opened there has been no stopping it and now, 16 novels later and still going strong, I couldn’t be happier at this time in my life because not only am I a writer but I’m also an author.  That’s who I am.  Writing is not what I do, it’s what I am.  I need to write, I have to write, I live to write, I bleed to write and nothing feels better than what I am.

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