I am a gay romance author – and I’m damn proud of it.

I never thought I’d have to say those words like a coming out.  With a fist held high in defiance, standing in virtual side by side with my fellow romance and gay romance authors because we – gasp, oh my goodness – have sex in our stories and open minds and love and acceptance and tolerance – and so according to some very vocal authors and their fans in on social media – that makes us ‘writers of porn’ and some even called us worse.  Really?  Seriously?
Because here’s the thing – why am I supposed to hate sex?  Can you tell me that?  Can you explain that to me in your Christian, bible-filled world?  Because I don’t, I love it, I freaking love it.
I am a happily married, heterosexual woman who writes gay erotica – and I see nothing wrong with that.
It means that when my men meet in my books they don’t just kiss and I then gloss over what happens next – there is no ‘and when they fell together on the bed it was wonderful’ hearts and flowers, nope, they bang, they fuck, sometimes they make love but they’re guys so not so much – usually it’s hot and up against a wall.  Am I embarrassed about that?  Nope.  Do I hide it?  Not a freaking chance.  Ask me about it and I have no filter – you might blush but I don’t.  Am I ashamed?  Hell no.  Why?  Like I said before, I love sex.  And I firmly believe that everyone, EVERYONE deserves to love and be loved.
Is what I write porn?  If you want to call it that so you can sleep at night, go ahead.  But I have the feeling that an actual porn writer would laugh if they read my books and were told they were porn – they’d say, ‘where’s the fisting? where are the gangbangs?  Why don’t they have multiple partners?  Swapping?’  I could go on and on – but I won’t, because I think you get my meaning – because I don’t have any of that in my books but it is in porn.  My books are about relationships and love – with some hot sex thrown in.
There’s a difference between erotica and porn.  Just like there’s a difference between a character who takes a drink and an alcoholic.
Differences are what make us unique.
Differences are what make us special.
Differences are what make us beautiful.
We should celebrate our differences not condemn them.

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