Review of Vengeance by Sloane Kennedy

Vengeance (The Protectors #5)Vengeance by Sloane Kennedy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, I’m struggling a bit with my review – and it will contain spoilers so don’t read this if you haven’t read the book. Did I love this book? For the most part? Yeah, I did. Did I love the dynamic between Memphis, Brennan and Tristan? Yeah, I did. Do I have an issue with m/m/m stories? No, I really don’t. My neighbors have been in a tripod for over a decade and I adore them. Relationships like these work all the time. Did I have a problem with the rape? No, well yes, but no. It was ugly, it was horrific but it made sense in the story line and it would’ve been worse if it had been ‘left out’ for the sake of the reader. What I did have an issue or struggle with was twice, or with two of the MC’s, having this ‘overwhelming need’ to be DP’d in order to feel complete. I’m sorry but that just seemed a little over the top but maybe that’s just me (and trust me, I’ve done that, so it’s not like I haven’t experienced it first hand). So I count those as two momentary blips on an otherwise really good love story.

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