At work today it was “Pride Day” – which was good because it raised donations for the Pride Foundation (that supports WA, OR, MT, AK & ID).  Of all the donations raised, my work matches them dollar for dollar which I love and I know it helps but I wanted to do more.

So I wore a Love is Love t-shirt – but does it help?

Or does it really just make me feel better because I’m showing off my support?

Hopefully both

Did it make some people uncomfortable when they walked by me?  Maybe

Did it make some folks sneer or look away in disgust?  Possibly

Did it make some look at me and wonder ‘is she one of them?  Or ‘is she a lesbian?’  Probably

Do I care?  Hell no


Because every time I can make people see my support is a success

Because every time I can voice my support to someone with closed off views is a win

Because every time I don’t turn away if I hear or see someone bullying a gay person or couple is a step in the right direction

Because every time a co-worker’s eyes widen when they see it and they whisper, “I can’t believe you wore that” – I can say, “Of course I did.  Where is yours?”

Because every time someone says to me, “Oh, you’re so brave for wearing that,” I can tell them, “Let me tell you who are the REAL brave people are.”

Because I am a fricking human being and that is the only kind of them that I give a shit about.

Am I afraid that someone might lash out at me over this or I might lose friends over it?  A little

But my fear is NOTHING compared to the battles faced every minute of every day by the LGBTQ community.

I’m never afraid when I walk down the street holding my husband’s hand

I never worry that we won’t be accepted when I introduce him to new people

I never think twice about kissing him goodbye when we’re out in public

Because what he and I have is considered ‘normal’, it’s acceptable

And THAT’S what needs to change

I am but one straight voice in this fight and that may not seem like much

But every voice can be heard if we all speak at once

If every voice speaks up when they hear a gay slur or see someone being bullied for being gay – it can help

It’s easy to hide your beliefs and tell yourself not to get involved or not to speak up because what difference can one person do?

But easy doesn’t change things

Easy never makes a difference

Easy doesn’t challenge

And easy doesn’t reward

So fuck easy

If we all stop hiding – if we all ‘come out of the fear closet’ and stand up to the bullies, stand up to the bigots, stand up to the haters – together our voices can be louder than theirs

So I wore a shirt today

I walked around in it with my head held high and a smile on my face

A smile that said, “Yes this is my shirt and I proudly believe that EVERYONE deserves to love openly and without fear”

Hard?  A little

Rewarding?  Absolutely

Empowering?  Definitely

I’m a straight female – this isn’t my fight

But I’m a human being – so it is

If just one person opens their eyes and looks at my shirt – I win

Because if I can get them to open their eyes then I just might be able to get them to open their heart too

It may not seem like much, it may not make a difference

But it’s my voice

I’m shouting it loud and I will not stop

Not until everyone can walk down the street holding hands and nobody gives it a second thought

Not until we start holding Human Pride parades and everyone joins in

It’s my voice and I will keep shouting

Today I shouted by wearing a shirt 

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